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Prepared by S.G.Smith, Crediton, Devonshire, England

'The Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him who hung thereon.'

There was a Saxon Cathedral at Crediton until 1050 when Bishop Leofric moved the bishopric to nearby Exeter. The large church is mainly of red sandstone, in a cruciform plan with a central tower on Norman piers dating from 1150. It was a collegiate church of the twelth centuary, rebuilt in about1410. At the dissolution in 1547, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the townspeople bought the church as the parish church for 200, and it was maintained by twelve governors, nine from Crediton and three from the parish of Sandford, and this tradition has continued to the present day.The church has some magnificant stained glass windows, and an impressive ornamented arch in memory of Sir Redvers Henry Buller, who was born at Downes near Crediton, and was awarded the Victoria Cross in the Zulu war. He was the commander-in-chief in the Boer war. Next to the church is the Boniface centre, completed in 1991, which serves as a function room for the church and other community needs.

Photographs S.G.Smith.

Church of the Holy Cross Crediton, Devon, England.

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